Annual report 2014


Note 1 Accounting principles

Note 2 New and amended accounting standards

Note 3 Accounting estimates and assumptions

Note 4 Operating revenues

Note 5 System services and transmission losses

Note 6 Salaries and personnel costs

Note 7 Pensions

Note 8 Tangible fixed assets and other intangible fixed assets

Note 9 Plants under construction

Note 10 Financial items – profit/loss

Note 11 Overview of financial instruments

Note 12 Interest-bearing assets and liabilities

Note 13 Derivatives

Note 14 Financial risk management

Note 15 Taxes

Note 16 Investments in subsadiaries and associates

Note 17 Joint operations

Note 18 Related parties

Note 19 Renumeration/benefits to the group management

Note 20 Events after the balance sheet date

Note 21 Secured debt and guarantees

Note 22 Contingent liabilities and contingent assets

Note 23 Other operating costs

Note 24 Comparative figures for the Statnett group