Annual report 2014


Statnett is the Transmission System Operator in the Norwegian power system and is responsible for a socio-economically efficient operation and development of the power system. On behalf of the society Statnett maintain a reliable supply of electricity, contribute to value creation and enable improved climate solutions. Statnett's most important task is to ensure safe and efficient power system operations at all times. Statnett also facilitates development of the next generation power system to ensure that it meets future challenges and adopt the opportunities related to new technology. In order to achieve these objectives Statnett must be a safe, efficient and innovative company.

1. Statnett ensures safe and efficient operations now and in the future

The power system is part of the society’s critical infrastructure. Society's dependence on a reliable supply of electricity is expected to be stronger due to the increased use of ICT, the need for climate-neutral energy carriers, establishment of new industry and population growth in and around the big cities. There is also an increasing transition to electricity in the transport, heating and petroleum sector. Statnett believes that this development will continue and therefore say that the future is electric.

Statnett will ensure safe and efficient operations in a period with high development activity in the power system, increased renewable power production and increased international power exchange.

2. Statnett will facilitate the development of the next generation power system

Statnett is strengthening the main grid across the country, and plans to invest another NOK 50-70 billion during the ten-year period between 2014 and 2023. The development has been communicated in the Grid Development Plan, and will promote further improved security of supply and value creation and support the realisation of Norway's targets related to increased renewable power production by 2020.

Technological developments within ICT, the introduction of smart metering (AMS) and Elhub, as well as increased integration of the European power system provide opportunities for developing a smarter and more climate-friendly power system. Efficient socio-economic development requires a comprehensive approach where one exploits the opportunities provided by technology whilst developing a more robust grid. Statnett's plans on how to achieve this are presented in the Grid Development Plan and in the System Operations and Market Development Plan.

As TSO, Statnett will facilitate development of the next generation power system in a socio-economically prudent manner.

3. Statnett must be a safe, effective and innovative company, which owns and operates the entire Main Grid

Statnett is going through a period of expansion and reconstruction of the main power grid. This requires good operational planning and focus on HSE. In addition, the asset base will increase by approximately 15 percent as Statnett aquires the remaining part of the central grid as a result of the EU's third electricity legislative package. This involves tasks in new geographical areas for Statnett's organization. During the same periode Statnett is to improve efficiency by 15 percent. In addition technological development and internationalization will affect how Statnett will solve its social mandate. This means that "Statnett 2018" will be different from the company we know today.

In order to succeed Statnett must be a safe, efficient and innovative company.