Annual report 2014

This is Statnett

Statnett is responsible for developing and operating the power grid and for ensuring that it at any given time meets society's requirements to the energy sector.

As the Transmission System Operator in the Norwegian energy system, Statnett has a clear role:

  • Ensure a stable and secure electricity supply by coordinating production and consumption
  • Ensure quality in the long term by developing the Norwegian Main Grid
  • Ensure accessible transmission routes by means of good maintenance practices.

Statnett is owned by the Norwegian State through the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE), which facilitates a co-ordinated and integrated energy policy.

Statnett's tasks

The main grid

Statnett is responsible for the main grid in the Norwegian power supply. The enterprise operates 11 000 kilometres of high-voltage lines and 150 substations throughout the country. Operations are monitored by one national control centre and three regional centres. Statnett is also responsible for interconnectors to Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Transmission System Operator

Statnett is the Transmission System Operator in the Norwegian energy system. As Transmission System Operator, Statnett is responsible for safeguarding security of supply by ensuring that there always is an instantaneous balance between production and consumption, sufficient reserves, emergency preparedness in the event of various fault situations and correctly dimensioned and maintained facilities. Statnett shall offer all players access to the main grid at equal terms. In addition, Statnett is responsible for coordinating power transmissions to and from our neighbouring countries.

Socio-economic operations

Statnett is responsible for ensuring efficient operations in a socio-economic perspective and for developing the main power grid. Statnett shall, alone or with others, plan and engineer, build, own and operate transmission facilities. This includes major development projects in Norway and between Norway and Europe. The development must cover future needs for a reliable supply of electric power throughout the country.

Other social responsibilities

Acting on behalf of the Norwegian authorities, Statnett is responsible for Ediel, an international standard for electronic exchange of trading information in the power industry. Statnett is also responsible for issuing guarantees of origin to Norwegian electricity producers, and for keeping the certificate register. The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) has granted Statnett the task of establishing Elhub, which is the Norwegian data hub for measuring values in the power market. Elhub is scheduled to start in 2017.

Organizational structure

Statnetts business is organised into four divisions, in addition to Corporate Strategy and Communications and Financial and Corporate Services. Auke Lont is the President and CEO.


Technology and Development

Technology and Development plan the national grid and project development. The division is also responsible for portfolio management and for preparing analyses of the power system. R&D is a part of this division.


The division's main responsibility is to implement Statnett's development projects, and hold the role of the builder. The division is also responsible for Statnett's emergency response unit in the event of grid faults.

System Operations, Asset Management and Markets

The division is responsible for security of supply in the enterprise. The responsibility lies in exercising the system operator responsibility in the Norwegian power system and manage ownership of Statnett's grid infrastructure and ensure efficient operations and preparedness response. The division will also ensure a well-functioning electricity market.


The ICT division operates, maintains and develops systems that monitor and control the power grid, system operation and settlement.

Corporate Strategy and Communications

The staff unit is responsible for the business strategy, communication and public affairs, as well as for follow-up of customer relations, the company's tariff strategy and international advisory services.

Corporate Staff

The corporate staff is to ensure consistent corporate governance and service delivery within the HSE, corporate management, legal advice, human resources and accounting and finance. In addition, the corporate staff is responsible for grid transactions.

European Affairs

European Affairs is a new division responsible for strengthening and coordinating Statnett's activities in EU and towards the European market. The head of the unit reports to the President and CEO.


Presentation of the Group management

Bente M. Haaland

Executive Vice President Corporate Strategy and Communications

Haaland holds an MSc from the University of Aberdeen and a Master in management from BI Norwegian Business School. She has 20 years’ experience from the energy sector, 15 of these with Statnett. Haaland has worked for Statkraft and the Eclipse Energy Group. Haaland was a member of Statnett's User Council on behalf of EBL from 2008 to 2010 and has also been a board member in Statnett Insurance. January 2014, Haaland took up the post of Executive Vice President for Strategy and Communications.

Håkon Borgen

Executive Vice President Technology and Development

Borgen has a Master's degree in Electrical Power from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTH) and Technische Hochschule Darmstadt (THD) in Germany. He has also completed a Master’s Degree module in Project Management from BI Norwegian Business School. Borgen has 21 years’ experience from the energy sector, 18 of these with Statnett. He has previously held several senior executive posts at Statnett and is a member of several boards.

Elisabeth Vike Vardheim

Executive Vice President Constructions

Vardheim holds a Master of Science in petroleum geology/finance from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) as well as a business economics degree and a Master module from BI Norwegian Business School. She was previously Director for the project owner unit in Statnett where she held several management positions after joining Statnett in 2007. Vardheim has many years of experience from management positions in public administration within different sectors and has been project manager for several development projects including for the builder's organisation for the Lillehammer Olympics in 1994.

Auke Lont

President and CEO

Lont holds a Master's degree in Economics from Vrije University in Amsterdam. He became President and CEO of Statnett in February 2009 after having held the position of CEO with the consulting company Econ Pöyry Analysis in Norway. Loke has previously been Senior Vice President in Statoil and Nordic Energy, Chief Economist and Director General of Econ Analysis, Cape Town and Director General of Naturkraft AS. He has more than 20 years’ experience from the energy sector. Auke Lont is Chair of the Institute for Energy Technology.

Øivind K. Rue

Executive Vice President, System Operations, Asset Management and Markets

Rue holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Oslo. He has been with Statnett since 2007 and has has held several management positions in the company. Rue heads the Regional Group Nordic in ENTSO-E responsible for coordinating the operations in the Nordic synchronous area. He was formerly Director of Saga Petroleum AS and Deputy Assistant Director General at the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry. He is a board member of Eksportkreditt. Rue is emergency unit leader in Statnett

Peer Olav Østli

Executive Vice President ICT

Østli holds a Master of Science in Informatics and also has post-graduate management training from Henley Management College. He has over 20 years’ experience of technology management from the telecom, media and IT industries, including various positions with Telenor and Schibsted. Østli joined Statnett in 2007.

Knut Hundhammer

Executive Vice President, CFO and Chief of Staff

Hundhammer was educated at the Norwegian Military Academy and has an MBA from Wharton School of Business in the US. He joined Statnett in May 2011. He has previously been Senior Vice President/CFO of Finansbanken ASA and of Høegh Autoliners. He has also been President and CEO of the commercial shipping division in the Klaveness Group, and a consultant for McKinsey & Co.